Pictures in My Head

Lioness in progress
I got a comment here from a girl I went to high school with, they’re planning a 10 year reunion for my class. I haven’t thought about it that much until this morning. I guess it’s because I started to think about the people I would see, and the people I wouldn’t see. It’s a real mind-job thinking back that far. I keep having scenes from Gross Pointe Blank go through my head and the Dave Wilcox song about a high school reunion. Sappy, girl. I googled one of my unaccounted for friends, and found him! brett.bmp
Haha! But I still can’t find Marc Pembroke, only his dad. Who is also infamous to my high school class. But the cool thing is I’ve still got rather close ties to some folks from high school although they’re from the class of ’94, cat and lynn. But all this reminiscing is making me crazy, I might just google all my friends names! And that’s insanity!
We spent yesterday with a Russian couple. Joel knows Alex from school, he’s taking MBA classes as well. His wife Lisa had a baby boy a week after Eden was born named Stefan. It was really fun, I love spending time with non-Americans, you learn so much! Their little boy was having problems nursing and was a tad refluxy, but Lisa seemed willing to try anything. And she has great instincts for a first time mom. They are a bit frazzled that’s for sure. I hope we can hang out with them again, maybe help them get Stefan out of the house for a bit.
We spent the evening with Jon G and little/big Jaden. I love having them over. I love feeding Jon. He’s a big guy and loves to eat! It’s great to catch up even though it’s always a little bitter sweet. I wish Jenny was there too. It remains to be seen, but she’s supposed to make an appearance at Kaitlyn Worrell’s third b-day party. Interesting times. God give us strength. Broken families are so hard, they hurt everyody not just those inside.
So I’ve received a list from Katie Stout of the paintings she wants asap:
1. “Nude with Orange”
2. “Reception II”
3. “The Faroes”
4. “The Season”
Coming soon to a Chattanooga gallery near you!