Where’s My Sleigh?

First of all let me say a big public thank you to the guys at Coptix that gave my blog it’s stylesheet makeover. I love having two sidebars, less scrolling. Thank you, moocho!
Last night I was checking out our ebay goods for sale to see how we’d done. I went to Paypal to check out who’d paid already. I came across a strange thing, $115? What’s this? I clicked on the transaction and recognized the name, Zellyn Hunter? I did some frantic clicking trying to figure out what was going on. Oh my goodness! Zellyn and his wife Bevin had bought my Reception II painting off Etsy! Wow! That’s awesome! I was as giddy as a school girl when I went to my Etsy shop to see that it was no longer listed, it had sold!! Hooray! Etsy is a great thing for artists. It take less commission than galleries, and the folks going there are looking for artwork and hand-made goods only! And to top it off, Angus and Claire Hunter’s son and his wife had bought my painting! Did they know me! Was this a mercy purchase(believe me it’s happened, thanks Mom!)? I wrote them back to tell them who I was, what I thrill! I love knowing where my artwork is going. Especially when it’s out there on the www and friends by my work by a fluke! Cool, God is so good. May it bless their home, I send my blessings and hard work with it.
july 016.jpgjuly 017.jpg
So my hallway is full of brown paper packages, from kitchen knives to fine art. I need a sleigh! I love using my “Mail Art” stamp, I have a reason to use it. Just think, you could be the lucky one receiving artwork in an oatmeal box.
Here’s my girl all dressed up by her brother:
july 009.jpg
News from my hubby that actually happened last week: He went to interview at a mortgage loan office and they are willing to take him on. This means that he will not be quitting his old job until he gets some good leads flowing. But if you are in Georgia and want to buy a house drop Joel a line, he’ll get you a great loan. He especially wants to help young families. This is an answer to prayer because this position comes with no quotas (sp?), he can work as much or as little as he can. But he wants this to be his gig, he wants to say farewell to insurance billing *yuck*.
Artist Euphoria: Puff Paint is good:
july 011.jpg
Mommy Delight: A boy and his potty
july 010.jpg
I promise Josiah will appear on this sight with his pants on someday.


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  1. yeah the blog looks great. cool!
    we’re all big fans of your work here, and hopefully someday we’ll be able to buy an original.

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