Hunting and the Lioness

We all know that I’m addicted to the internet. I’m always here and sometimes my eyes and hands remind me. There’s always something new and beautiful I find and I have been reaping good things from my exposure out here in the www.
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Since my high school reunion is scheduled and who knows who’ll come, I have been trying to track down some folks. I found Brett Clark and he emailed me his info. But Marc Pembroke Jr. is a bit harder to find. I think I found his mom but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t talk to his dad as often and his dad is all over the internet. Last I heard he was in FL teaching, but I can’t find him. It’s kinda fun though, people hunting. We’ll see if I get an email from this woman who I think is his mom. She might say, “Girl, what are you craaazy!” But why not, the anonymity of emails is great, if they embarrass you you just hit ‘delete’.
I’m almost done with Lioness. I can’t believe it, I wanna whip these paintings out man! I’ve already started on a pregnant nude. We’ll see if folks respond well to it. I am also in the process of picking images for art cards. Stuff I can sell on Etsy or festivals. I can choose 11 images for the package I’m picking. But I don’t have to have that many, so I need to know what images you think I should have on my cards, what will sell the best individually or in a set. Check out the pictures on my flickr account and continue reading to take the poll!

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Art Cards

What pieces would you like to see on a card?

crowned nude
the season
the faroes
darren’s v-neck
not here, leave comment
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4 thoughts on “Hunting and the Lioness

  1. Gypsy

    My favorites are – “Nude with Orange”, “Reception II”, “Crowned Nude”, “Jana”, “Vessel”, “Seated Nude”, “Jerah” and “Darren’s V-Neck.”
    Love the new blog design, love the picture of you and Eden on the sidebar and I can’t wait to see the pregnant nude you’re working on.

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