Creativity at it’s finest!

Some may think that since I’m an artist I would have super creative ideas for my kids all the time, but not so. My son is obsessed with guitars and my mom and my brother have supplied us with many music catalogues to keep his interest and he can destroy them and I haven’t spent a dime! It’s hard to find books about instruments for 2 yr olds! If you know of one let me know! Jeanette did send us a book with ukeleles on almost every page and that’s pretty good!
Eureka! I came up with the best idea for our long car trip to the beach. I took Josiah’s ratty catalogue pages and made this!
jos book.jpg
Here are the pages:
And here are some pictures from Veer that Josiah and I like alot:pics.jpg
And here’s theback ,after all we can’t be prejudice:
book back.jpg
I secured the sheet protectors with tape at the top to maybe keep him from yanking the pictures out right away, but if he does no great loss. I guess this is part of my craftiness to keep from buying tons of toys not directly associated with my son’s obvious interest. So I hope this makes Joel’s drive more pleasent because after all, he’ll be in the other car with Jos. I’ll get the little girl who’ll be screaming on and off I’m sure.
july 015.jpg
And I must mention these crafty ideas:
The Fugitive Pigments
Kitchen Magician if you need to spruce up that booooring grilled cheese


5 thoughts on “Creativity at it’s finest!

  1. very cool! dont forget mandolin pictures too! I can supply you with lots of em if you’d like…
    I hope your trip goes well. I can vouch for the power of mild sedatives

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