For the Love of my Bike

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If you had told me when I was 16 that I would be married to a man that would get me back on a bike, with hand brakes, and like it, I’d think you were nuts. Not that I had any traumatic experiences, but I just never was very into that kinda stuff. And when Joel first got our mountain bikes we took a trip around Chickamauga Battle Field and some of the hills were a bit too rough for me I thought I was totally gonna bail. But in Hilton Head the trails are so nice, but still nature-like that you feel happy. We have a way we normally went but Joel was bored with it so we went of the beaten trail. It was a little too rough. The sandy trail had eroded and we ended up having to scale some high sided banks and dragging our bikes (one with Josiah strapped to the back) through prickly succlulents. I messed up my shoes real good, but it was so worth it. Next year, we’ll have one kid per bike. I love riding on the beach.
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My Happy Biking Boy
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My Sweet NB’s all ruined
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A Souvenier
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  1. Biking on the beach with Joel was one thing I was sad about missing this year at Hilton Head with you guys. Something about the combination of the tires on the wet sand and feel of the endless ocean going by is relaxing.

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