Art Cards Available!

For those of you jones-ing for some Katie Ward Knutson original art but can’t foot the bil…yet, I have the solution! I have had cards printed up and I am in the process of coming up with the best ways to package them. Until then, if you just want to buy one you can now have a direct link to my online store through etsy by hitting my button.bmpbutton. If you really like what you see I can get art printed in various ways on various things, like say… a shower curtain.
Anyway, just check out the side bar for the link to my store. The cards I had printed were: Jana, Seated Nude, The Season, Darren’s V-neck, Crowned Nude, The Faroes and Lifeblood.


3 thoughts on “Art Cards Available!

  1. I’m glad to see Jana and The Season in there. If the government hadn’t taken 40% of our recent earnings we may have bought an orginal. Maybe come tax return time. The cards are a great idea.

  2. cool! should I use Etsy, or can I just paypal you some funds? and if I ever score a job like Bear did, we’re definitely buying The Season. πŸ™‚ how much cost/effort is involved in doing full-sized prints?

  3. If I get prints done I will use They have some cool options for reprints. You can get cheaper prints. The cheapest giclee print is 12×16 and that’s 75.00 but I might have to charge a little more for the image, it’ll still be friend prices though πŸ™‚ that’s a popular piece Bob, it’ll be at Hollis Gallery the middle of this month.

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