It’s nice to be wanted

My weekend has officially just ended. And I now can breathe a sigh of relief and type. Although I hear little footsteps upstairs that need to be told to get back in bed, that’s alright, he’ll find his way. Not a terribly exciting weekend, but I did get to see Gideon Perkins in all his potty-training glory with Nemo underwear on. That’s exciting! You think that babies are babies and kids are kids and that everything you need to know will be in a book or told you by someone else, not always true. Josiah and Gideon are two very different boys and they play really well together. It’s great. But even though Josiah is potty-training too I don’t have him on the fast track. It’s the same theory I have about “how long should you breastfeed” and “do you let your kid cry to sleep” It’s a parental decision on how long it will take and how much you can stand. If you don’t mind changing diapers on a 3 year-old than by all means wait. The childs readiness somewhat depends on how diligent you are since pleasing the parent is very strong during the PTing years. I don’t know how long it will take to PT Josiah, but I know that there are things that need to progress and things that need to take their time. Unlike Lynn, I am not in a rush. But I am oh-so-tired of changing diapers of such a long-legged monkey boy who wiggles and thrashes while I try to pin him dow. UGH.
My mom-n-law came to hang out with us on Saturday night and she stayed for a bit and just left a couple hours ago. It’s cool, she got to come to church with us and took us out to eat at La Parilla (yum!) And she got to experience the madness which is our parenting career aka her grandkids. She said she wants to buy “the Season” as well. Their are so many people who love that painting. Who knew? The ones I think are great lots of people don’t give them the time of day. So I think I’ll have to get a couple giclees done of that piece. That’ll make them more affordable for many more of my patrons.
I’ve been working on my pregnant nude alot more, working with the negative space. I would post a picture but I left my phone and my camera at the Perkins house. An excuse to see Gid in his underroos again (insert whistle). But I have gone back to my beloved stencils. I can’t find my awesome source of patterns though, did I loan my book to anyone out there, Mom? Cat? I dunno. I might just hafta got to the vintage fabric group on flickr and score more ideas. But I have a window and wall paper and a chair (inspired by the IKEA catalogue)taking up my negative space now. It still is very flat and I will have to work on that hard hard hard. I might do some more dark pieces like my “Reception 2”and “Faroes” since people dig them so much too. But most of all I want to work big again. I’m tired of the cramped 18×24 canvas. I mean why bother with working with negative space if there is hardly space at all?
I saw a cool movie that was quite unexpectedly so, Diary of an Angry Black Woman. I think Joel got it cuz he thought it would be like Nutty Professor or something, but instead it was more like a Steel Magnolias. I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves African-American culture, the good and the bad. This movie is a love story, steeped in the faith of the black culture and has the demons existing in that culture as well. Good characters and NO SEX! I cried, not because of the love scenes but because of people getting saved and healed in the movie. I might be blowing it out of proportion, but I like it and it’s set in ATL. Since we liked it so much we got Woman Thou Art Loosed, we’ll see if that is as satisfying.
sarah in august.bmp
Look at my cute sister-in-law! That’s my little niece in there! Go Sarah, nice belly!


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