art 064.jpg
It is in the “gaudy stage”. It will need some subtlizing, but I like where it’s going now. Like I said, it’s flat as can be.
august 016.jpgaugust 017.jpgaugust 018.jpg
Title of this piece not to be confused with this band, or this company, but you get the idea.
Thanks to Bob and Jeanette who did a mini commercial for my artcards available on etsy. Need a present? How ’bout some blank cards from one of your favorite bloggers?
I’m awefully excited about my seemingly simple purchases today. I got a new caulk gun, two pieces of plexiglass for an overdue new palette, and two pieces of masonite. A 2ft square piece is only like two or three dollars! This will be an adventure.
If anyone has photos to share with me of low lit interior spaces with glasses and or candlelight that have a warm cozy feel please comment and I’ll email you, I’m looking for good photos and I’ve used others photos before with great success (thanks erbs and cat and Ms. Gypsy and rogers’).
If I made small posters of my work would y’all be interested?


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