So you’re in the hospital?

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Little Devin Durell was in the hospital very dehydrated and with swollen glands. He was told he had bacterial meningitis which is very painful and harmful to the bod. When we went to the hospital to pray for him he looked better already. We all agreed that he didn’t have anything like bacterial meningitis. We prayed and went home feeling that he would get better very soon. Today the report is that “someone must have sneezed in the other test because there is no trace of bac. men. in the results of the second sample.” Ha!! He technically has mono, but he’s coming home today or tomorrow. Praise God for healthier kids!
Here’s my Photo Friday “violet” submission if you’re interested.
If you are in Chattanooga and don’t have plans tonight, go check out Cat’s art at the Barking Legs Theatre. They will open around 9pm and then at 10 there will be DJ’s and breakdancing. Woo-Hoo! Cat wants to be a regular artist there, and she sells her art ridiculously cheap, I’ve told her this many times. Check it out! One night only!
Does anyone know if Gypsy (Michelle) has had her baby? I’m fixin’ to write her sister to find out.


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