Minivan Blues

I am NOT a needy person, I really don’t like depending on the undependable. And there are certain things I don’t trust as far as I can throw them. This might be a good quality sometimes but I don’t feel that way right now. I hate hate hate the fact that I am scorning a gift and wanting what I don’t deserve. What I want more than anything, so bad I notice it. Just like someone trying to quit smoking can smell a cigarette a mile away. Just like my son sees guitars in everything he sees. I notice minivans. Like guys scoping out chicks, I stare down each Nissan Quest, each Honda Odyssey I see. I also have seen a Toyota Highlander that looks nice to me. After squeezing my postpartum behind in between two carseats so we can have 3 adults, 2 kids in the car I yearn, I pine for a minivan. I don’t care if the gas goes up to $5 a gallon, I still need one. So who out there is giving one away. This artist Mama needs one so badly.
But enough about me, here’s some pictures of a day out with the Ward grandparents:
Fake Smiles
august 060.jpgaugust 063.jpg
Komodo the Dragon
“Look at that tasty chubby girl, I’d love to munch!”
august 065.jpgaugust 064.jpg
Josiah and Grandpa Jim come to the rescue!
august 069.jpg
“Get back Komodo! You will not eat tiny Eden B!
august 068.jpg
“I am sorry my friends, let’s take a ride and simmer down.”
august 066.jpg
Komodo and Josiah take Grandma for a jaunt into the brush…
To the Steak N Shake.


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  1. I commented before – I’ll comment again (If it becomes comments spam – let me know and I’ll quit). Give me a shout and we can talk. We’re selling a dependable Dodge Grand Caravan. Not giving it away, but not too spensive either…

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