I can’t believe I’ve waited for so long…

for such ipodie bliss! I guess it’s part of going back to school on Monday that makes me want to have some fun music in my ears. Really Joel and I have wondered what the hey we would do with one, but now I know why I love it. It’s reviving my whole music collection! I’m listening to music that I’ve had for years but not listened to. I’ve been totally pre-occupied with it today, no worries my kids have been fed and loved and diapers changed…regularly.
But naptime was set up for serious music fun. Revisiting is sweet. So what was next, I must have an ipod cozie! It’s pretty easy to find creative people that make them. A lot of them are knitted or crocheted and I’m not really into that so much. But then I found these awesome ones on etsy! Ok I can’t afford that, or make that, more importantly. But I can make this! And I made one last night as Joel and I watched yet another WW2 movie.
august 090.jpg
I don’t have a sewing machine. And trying to get one became a major family fiasco. So I hand stiched the whole thing. It’s a small enough thing to do but the corduroy seam got a little tough.
august 091.jpg
august 092.jpg
It’s pretty ugly up close. Also, being my mother’s daughter I kinda quilted around the flowers on the Scandinavian looking fabric swatch. I’d like to try to make a couple more, using denim, and jersey, embroidery, beads. Not all together I don’t think. But being the resourceful girl I am, I refuse (at this point) to buy any materials for this project. Because Lord knows, I’ve got enough goodies. I was even looking at some of my rags, with interest. Even my painting rag. That’d be applicable and interesting. Joel’s first comment was, “Yeah, that’s be cool if you could sell them” I don’t think he understands what a terrible seamstress I am. The market is flooded with then right now, and people are eager to give away patterns. It sounds fun to me now.
I’m a craft/art/project/nifty-little-things-that-are-cheap-or-free junkie


4 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’ve waited for so long…

  1. Yes. Make one out of a painting rag with contrasting beads on each swatch and be the coolest girl in Art School…..sounds like a plan. And the more terrible the seams, the more radical the wearer!

  2. Yeah Freecycle is cool, but I have yet to see much benefit from it. People are greedy for free stuff. And when I have offered cool free stuff, folks don’t come and get it. I should do all of Atlanta and not just my little area.

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