Tea and Bliss

When my mom was here helping out with Eden she left a few bags of her favorite tea here. It’s Constant Comment. Yumminess! And with a bit of honey, it’s even better. I bought a whole box this week which is kinda silly because I have so many boxes of tea. If you want a hot cuppa tea come to my house!
I have taken a break on the potty training front. I thought that until Eden was a little bit easier to entertain without my absolute physical attention, I would wait and just communicate with Josiah and talk to him about it. He has begun yanking his diaper off when it’s too wet for him. In fact one morning I found him in his room with no diaper on, and no dirty one to be found! I asked him, “Josiah, where’s you diaper?” He pointed to our Diaper Champ and said, “Garbage Can Mama!” I would like to kiss whoever made the Diaper Champ, because it’s easy enough for the child wearing the diaper to throw it away himself! Yesterday Josiah went potty 3 times all by himself!! He did pee on the floor an aweful lot (Praise God for hardwood floors). Twice today he decided he had to go #2 and he did it all by himself! Yesterday he came to celebrate his achievement and I was on the phone with Joel. I looked in the potty and there was nothing in it, I was kinda disappointed. I said, “Josiah there’s nothing there” He then showed me that he had already emptied it into the toilet and wanted to flush. I celebrated with great fervor!! God has answered my prayer. I was getting so tired, so sad, I had no idea what I was going to do. I had nightmares of my boy being 5 years old and not being potty trained. It’s coming along, and Josiah’s showing me how.


5 thoughts on “Tea and Bliss

  1. Next step; superman underoos or his favorite cartoon pants that he will take very special care not to mess up. Good for him! (and for you too and your blessings.)

  2. SarahW

    We had so much fun with Mom and Dad. They commented on how different our lifestyle is than being with you all. Ahhh, the life of no kids (only 4 more months of it). Thanks so much for the gifts, It makes me so excited for our daughter’s arrival.

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