My First Day of School

I wondered what it would feel like to be back at school minus my huge protruding belly. I moved faster that’s about it. I still felt out of sorts, like you always do trying to find your class for the first time. My Art History Survey should prove interesting, since my prof is a Kramer like guy who is new in town. I’m sure he’ll get a lot of rolled eyes from the frat kids taking his class. Who are these kids? Why are they in Art History 3? It’s not like, a requirement for anyone else but Art and Art Ed majors right? Maybe they’re advertising kids. I’m sure they will make more money than me with a BFA. Prof Moore shook up the class by putting us in groups and actually lecturing the first day. It was a total repeat of last semester: Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne, Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism, Paris, yada yada yada. But the plus side is that this will just be the first 3 weeks. He thought he was teaching a Contemporary Art Class and he told us he isn’t going to change what he originally set out to do. This is better, I might actually learn something! There were a few kids from my other class in this class. One of which I got to know a little, she’s a mommie too. She’s going to be in my Watercolor class as well. I could feel all my former class mates look at me and think, “Oh she had her baby, she’s still fat.” Well, Brea was kind, she told me I looked great. I do have a little tan left.
Watercolor class will be challenging. Really. I haven’t used watercolors except to fill in spaces when I was a kid. Prof Scherer made it sound really interesting and hard. But after seeing Racheal’s work, I definately want to give it a try. rachel.bmp
Her work is beautiful, fluid, and not not froo-froo landscapes. Prof Scherer has a show in Providence, I think, of his latest works called Bloodworks. He uses blood along with some anti-coagulants, to paint watercolor style. Very tricky. His works revolve around AIDS and sexual politcs, relationships and faux love. He is very skilled, it was interesting to hear his approach to each piece. It’s not very often you get to hear your prof show their work and talk about it. I did realize that I had hope and joy about love, sex and relationships. I looked around the room at the other students, including Brea who has a child out of wedlock. I wonder if they truly feel so de-flowered, so trashy, so lost as my Prof’s art is talking about. I looked down at my wedding ring. I always think that sets me apart from the other students as well. All in all I look forward to building relationships with my profs. I long for advice, academic criticism, and to touch the art world through skilled people, educated people. Even if I’m just in Kennesaw GA.
Went on campus today with the 2 kiddies to get a signture and Joel’s books. I thought Joel would have just 1 or 2 books. He had 4, very heavy bulky books. I couldn’t manage 2 kids and 4 Accounting texts. So Joel will just have to be a big boy and get them himself. Swung by Dick Blick to get watercolor supplies and a girl from my Art History group works there. I saw another watercolor student there too. It would have been completely disasterous if a bag they had there had not had a guitar cardboard label. Yes Josiah was happy. And I have new art supplies to play with. I might not have books to buy, but the supplies get you. At least you can use them for years to come (unlike some text books). Joel goes to school tonight, I hope he still is excited about his choices. I love it when Joel loves what he’s learning.
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5 thoughts on “My First Day of School

  1. Aww! Glad you had a good day.
    The art history sounds cool, but I guess I’m partial to history. You’ll have to post some more watercolors. I’ve dabbled in them; have always been intrigued with their elusive properties.
    I’m kind of wistful. It’s much harder to be a student and not go to class. Enjoy your First Day of School.
    Don’t worry. I’m still fat, too. *sigh*

  2. forget about the damn fat!!! you are so beautiful kate AND hell, all i have to do is look at those kids of yours and see the sacrifice and all of it looks amazing to me. you are a pro @ school man. and watercolors are the mostest fun, you can also get this stuff that covers or paints the paper white, but the watercolor doesn’t actually stick to it, so you can do this really cool pos-neg work with it. sorry i don’t know what it’s called. molly may have an idea??? love you

  3. Angel

    Hi Again!
    Your kids are getting so big! They’re adorable. I love the red hair!
    How the hay can you and your husband BOTH go to college and have 2 kids? It must be a lot cheaper to live down there then up here on the east coast.
    Anyway – I wanted to pass on my friend Heidi’s blog. Her website is down – but she specializes in watercolor. She went to a college in iowa for graphic design and art and I think art history too. I’m sure she’d be happy to help you with any suggestions of materials or techniques. She teaches private lessons and has had a few shows herself (she’s working on one now actually). She’s the one I told you earlier that she’s OPC… anyway -here’s her blog. Email her if you want to chat
    All the best with your school!
    Take care

  4. Neither one of us is a full time student. Georgia pays for me to go o school (HOPE). And we took out a low interest student loan for Joel. But we are tired, a lot. It’s so worth it though.
    We are considering going full time both of us next semester. now that’s crazy. I dunno how we’ll live, God will have to fill our bank account.

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