You Thought It Wasn’t Possible

But it’s true. Josiah now has Underoos with guitars on them. Thank you Lynn. She’s full of ideas folks. Lynn created these with iron on printer paper and a huge heart of a kindergarten teacher/supermom. Many funny giggles back at you! I’m sure there will more pictures of happy boy adventures to follow. The simple pleasures of mommie-hood. Hehehe.


7 thoughts on “You Thought It Wasn’t Possible

  1. omg! those are totally the killer underWOOs!!! hi five mommy girls, there’s a market for those now, aren’t there? ebay? i have been extra praying for that lil’ boy that god will give him the ideas of poo! in the potty.

  2. amy k

    So I was at lunch today in the not so Great Hall and definitely met a guy who knows you and Joel. Joel Silversen? He roomed with Josh Green for awhile. Anyway, he says hi, he’s living in Philly and has 3 kids…etc,etc. Remember him?

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