Don’t Read This While You Eat Breakfast.

Last night I was able to come home early because of the nasty weather. I came home to Joel walking Eden back and forth in the dark bedroom. Poor Daddy. I quickly took her and Joel gave me the run down of her eating habits that night. I nursed her to sleep and she slept until 10pm when she woke up and screamed for 15 minutes before I got her. *sigh* I’m trying to break her. I picked her up and she promptly wretched all over me in great quantities. My first thought was “%&*@ formula!!” My experience has not been horrible with formula, but my kids spit up a whole lot when they had bottles. But then for the next half hour she completely empties her stomach. I can take alot, I can listen to my 3 month old scream to sleep but I can’t bare holding my baby and feeling her little tummy knot up before she puikes. It makes me cry because I hate the thought of my babies not eating, holding their food in etc…I’ve talked about it before. Joel was calm about it, he knew she would be fine. But I swam in a sea of guilt, What made her sick? Did I not put the pumped breast milk back in the freezer far enough? Was the bottle left out too long? Is 5 minutes too long? Are we gonna have to find a good formula? What will we do on Wednesday? I shouldn’t be taking classes this semester!!! OK so Joel’s next look said Snap Out Of It! She was fine. But I still don’t really know what to do, or why she got sick. If it’s the formula it’s taken her 4 or 5 feedings of this stuff to get sick now? Is that normal for formula trials? I could just pump, but it’s so much work, and I never can get very much. I always want a back up. Any ideas? Advice?
Eden did fine during the night. No more barfing. She went to sleep at 11:30pm without nursing and woke up at 2am looking very hungry. I watched her carefully under my drooping eyelids until almost 3am then I determined that I could take her ralphing all over me laying down. We woke up at 5:30am with no incidents and she’s perky this morning. Praise God! I don’t want a repeat, my nerves can’t take it. What to do…
Well, here’s my Self Portrait Tuesday:
august 108.jpg


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