Pant, pant, pant

It’s becoming a regular thing for me to sit down at 3pm for lunch. Ugh. What’s that about? But I must say it’s worth it. Shouldn’t food be a pleasant relaxing reward sometimes? Just fast periodically and you’ll see. Or go on a diet. Now my PBH, yogurt and tea is so much better!!
It’s the last Wednesday of the month. You know what that means? Thrifting!! Value Village has 50% off day the last Wed of every month. They tag a big “1/2 Off” sign out of junk fliers on their monsterous windows and scavengers of many types (yours truly is included) come to race for the best deal and the best check out line. Thrifting has become a little challenging with 2 bebe’s but I crave a deal, and I find one every time.
Josiah and Eden are getting dedicated on Sunday. So if your not Presbyterian, this is the next best thing to a baptism…minus the water. In no way do I think I should froo-froo up my kids for this event, but I do want us to look nice-ER. Josiah needed a dressier shirt. The little weed that he is, Josiah just grows up these days and needs longer shirts and pants every 2 months it seems. Thank goodness for summer, his shorts aren’t a problem this way. I literally was picking out size 5 shirts for my 2 1/2 year old. How big is Josiah? Soooo Big!! I found some nice button down shirts and one retro Health-Tex shirt that I really hope is long enough. It rules. I also found a couple little black dresses for myself. I’m hoping I will use them for art show openings between now and the New Year. 5 shirts for Josiah, 2 dresses for me and a skirt grand total $17. And this is the expensive, nice clothes thrift store. This is where I got all my maternity clothes, and some of Jeanette’s and a shirt for Sarah.
august 119.jpg
Farewell, My Sweet Vessel. May you find a happy home with Michelle, Eric and little Jack Carter Duncan. I have found that I am not sad anymore when I send off my work. There is a small tinge when I cover it with paper that I won’t probably touch the canvas again, but it’s OK. My work, thusfar, has gone to very happy homes that I might possibly visit. I’m glad you all love it, I still have lots of it in my garage (hint, hint).
august 112.jpg
Here are the Modbirds that Cat gave my kids. They wanted to say hello.
august 113.jpg
august 116.jpgaugust 117.jpg
Here are my sad sad watercolor attempts. Although, I was working last night on my value scales and the swatches were looking smoother. I’m going to have to shut my trap and concentrate in class. I’ll do much better. But it’s just so fun to talk to BSing college kids. They have so much to learn. And I don’t mean watercolors, heck, they’re better than me. Out of a class of 18 students only like 5 or 6 of us don’t smoke. That includes the prof. I talked to another non-smoker and she said Yeah I’m thinking about taking it up just so I have a reason to be outside! I just mocked them by holding my two fingers in the smokers pose while chatting. My fellow classmate/fellow mommy, Brea, thought that was funny. I’m being good, it’d be so easy to slip back into that. But when my breastfed baby barfs as soon as I got home on Monday that pretty much reminded me that I have to be good.


4 thoughts on “Pant, pant, pant

  1. Ha! I’m doing the SAME thing this week. Thrifting for something nice-ER for Ellis’s baptism on Sunday. 🙂 Have fun!
    Right after I was done being pregnant, I found a thrift store up here with quite a nice maternity haul. *sigh*

  2. Krista

    Keep plugging away at your watercolors! You will get it. I watercolored for fun for a while then tried oils and hated them…but got it eventually. You just have to reverse your mindset, like growing up playing pinochle and then trying to play hearts or spades. Good luck!

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