Ok, I don’t suck…

I had a bit of an ego bruiser in the first few watercolor classes, but I am feeling a bit more confident. I’m still not good, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I started my “stained glass” project which basically means that we are to use all 4 wash styles and make a simple composition like a stained glass window. I found a picture of tulips off of flickr and photoshopped it a little to create darker contours. I am just about done with my first attempt, I do think I will try to do it again. It doesn’t take nearly as long as a large, or even medium sized canvas. And of course I’m not putting too much thought into it.
My Canon is on its way to the manufacturer. So no pictures unless someone emails me some or I find summore gems on flickr.
Might I just say that the weather in ATL is amazing!!! It makes me think of my birthday. (I just got hit on the head by a yellow leaf) Which is pretty crumby since I haven’t even gotten my brother’s present yet!!! ARGH! I’m such a flighty sister these days. I have though, bought baby presents galore for the ump-teen babies that are coming. If they are all girls, I’m gonna crack up! But I know there are at least 3 baby girls coming. Here’s the list of those I know:Baby girl Ward
Baby Knutson (Nathan and Laura)
Baby girl Worrell
Baby girl Weigers
Baby GIRL Perkins (we are crossing our fingers, cuz Karen S. is always right, right?)
Baby girl Hultquist (Josh and Jess’ Ava)
Baby boy Hulquist (Chris and Charlott’s Asher)
Baby Kring
Baby Monahan
Baby Kirby (way to go Matt and Jerah!!)
Baby girl? Hersman
Jana Sault’s baby (dunno her married name)
Baby Huffman
I know there are more I just can’t think of them all in this sweet fall breeze. But I must say Hallelujah! And Praise God I’m not pregnant!
baby bottle.bmp
I think I found a paci my daughter likes. The expensive kind. I hope this isn’t a trend. But she must get used to something so she’ll take a bottle during my classes.


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  1. you are most certainately right about that footprint. i forgot about it being on the inside in the pages. i had to stop writing in the journal. just couldn’t bare to finish the empty’s up. i’m always thinkin’ of you too. thanks for talking yesterday. sicky time…

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