Art Studies

nude watercolor.bmp
I’d love to paint with watercolor like this!
The downside of being a mature college student is that my art history text book from Survey 1 and 2 is too old. I searched the world over for the book that I’m supposed to have the last 2 chapters read for a mini-test on Monday. No luck. It costs over $60 bucks almost everywhere. For 2 chapters, UGH. So I’m going to bite the bullet and chance that I’ll do fine with my 10th edition rather than the 12th.
I have a response paper as well, should be kinda fun to write. I just have to look over plates of a modern artist and write a short response on what I think. Now if I only could get an hour without the two kids to get a book from the library.
My watercolor prof has an opening in Provence town Mass. No class on Monday. My assignment for Wednesday is to get a photo good for a monochromatic composition. “Moderately Complicated” my prof says. Maybe I should make it blue for my mom’s poor jaundice dining room.
Katie Stout at Hollis Gallery has confirmed October 21st for a Women’s show. I should figure out how to make a mailing list.
So much to do no wonder I feel the need to unwind. I’ve felt majorly stressed the past few days. God help me to be kind to my husband and have patience for my kids.


4 thoughts on “Art Studies

  1. You’ll probably be fun re the textbook. Lots of times recent editions are made just to add websites and other tech-y things, with the actual text changing minimal if at all. (poor suckers, these students are)

  2. The problem with the old edition is the Plates. The new edition has different pictures in it. And for us art students, it’s all about the pictures.

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