Can I Hoo Hi Hee?

We went to a little hiking trail next to the Kroger. Doesn’t that sound strange. We went to our local Kroger. Parked the car and walked down a sidewalk and we were in Cheatham Hill/ Kolb Farm hiking, biking and horsing trail vacinity. It’s a bit difficult to hike with a 2 1/2 year old. I’ve got Eden strapped to my front in the Bjorn and Joel battles with the stroller for a while and then ditches it into the bushes. He grabs Josiah up in his arms and carries him for a bit then lets him walk for a bit. Convincing him with Let’s Run! Let’s Exercize!!. But the bestest mostest fun for both father and son is to find a stick and wack at trees. Joel adding his kung-fu sounds Hi yah! Hoo Hah! This became one of the funner things for Josiah while hiking. That and trying to catch up to me and saying, Wait Mama, Come back Come back!
It was envirgorating to walk through the poison ivy forest and hear an actual bird. At one point the traffic could not be heard. I felt like I was in detox, I hadn’t had my coffee and haven’t had it yet. ugh, the headache.
On the way back to the car Josiah caught up to me and was holding my hand I want a stick he declared. We stopped and found one that wasn’t under a bunch of poison ivy. He carried it proudly and when I asked him to walk he said Can I Hoo Hi Hee? Joel and I started laughing pretty hard.
Thanks to all in blogland for your thoughts and prayers. We are definately in a stressful time. But I practiced some spheres today and I feel good when I actually get up and do my homework. I have the go ahead from my prof to do a cow painting. I hope it works. I’ve got 2 weeks to practice that. And Joel and I have been able to talk more, God had given us rest with the kids taking coordinating naps (yes!) It’s always crazy when you don’t have the down time to talk and come together and when you do you’re both feeling the same. Praise God for my husband. Keep up your prayers and pray that Joel will not feel discouraged, guilty, or burned out. He has always been a great leader, and he needs to a good Giddiup! in the direction God wants him to go.
My Art History class is like nothing I’ve ever taken. It’s Post WW2 art. I know about it, have very very briefly studied some, but now I will really be studying it. I have some reading to do this weekend. Some is generic, but some is from my two books After Modern Art by Hopkins (crazy cover, I hate looking at it, I might cover it up!) and the Rise of the 60’s by Crow. We watched a movie last class called Night and Fog. It’s from 1956 and it’s about the concentration camps. The emotion is pretty fresh in the film, and it’s in French so it is closer to home. It’s narrated very poetically, and let me tell you, it was disgusting. I’ve seen a lot of films with footage of camp victims, but this tops them. The blankets made of human hair, the paper made of skin. The bulldozer pushing bodies into mass graves. It’s aweful, aweful. I was hiding my eyes at the end, about to cry. I looked around at the calloused college students wondering if they were just as effected. Unfortunately the 2 girls I know from that class skipped that day, and when they showed up at Watercolor class, I told them that they missed a traumatic film. Whew! But I know my prof wanted us to understand why artists in the 1950’s were reacting the way they did after the war. Especially the European artists. Some fascinating art was produced and some completely insensitive. I mean, Nazi and Jew Legos? That’s gross.