Like the Second Helping Thanksgiving Plate

This week I got what was coming to me. Several of you guys in blogland have commented in the past How do you do it? You’re Super Woman. Not really. My super powers have been very affected by some real life kryptonite.
Not only am I a mother of two small kids, going to 2 college classes, having a show in a gallery, and a festival in October, but I have a cold, and a husband to love and house to keep. This week has been hard. But I have asked for it. For every bit. Every Sunday at church before the offering we say a thanksgiving prayer. This prayer includes “As we receive today’s offering, we are trusting God for jobs and better jobs, raises, bonuses, salaries and commisions…debts paid off, expenses decreased, blessings increased…checks in the mail, finding money, inheritances, favorable settlements…Thank you Lord for providing for ALL my financial needs that I might have more than enough to give back to the Kingdom of God and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” I can’t remember the whole thing. If you have a problem with the fact that we should ask God for these things than I’m sorry, but I believe that our heavenly Father wants to give us bread and not a stone. And He wants to do freakishly cool things for us to remind us that we are His, and of course, be miraculous to someone else by giving them money.
So anyway, Katie Stout calls from Hollis gallery to inform me that I have a potential sale of a piece of mine and also might have a commission for 2 more like it, a series if you will. I also need to get my butt in gear for this group show. I got my contract from Hollis and in it Katie wrote me to tell me that each artist in this show needs 8 to 10 works on the wall. This means I need to get her 2 or 3 more pieces before the 21st of October ideally the 1st of October. Sheesh. I have completed Domestica and Reception 3, but I’m thinking Domestica won’t make the cut. Two more to produce. Reception 3 is also very small, therefore having 3 more available by this date would be better. Also my artist statement and bio has some boo-boos in it from Katie’s editing that I’ll need to fix. No big thing though.
I continue to struggle with my watercolor technique, although I’m feeling a bit more confident that I will have the practice under my belt to do the monochromatic project we have to do by next Wednesday. I’m doing some cows, they’re so happy for me *grin*.
I got the paperwork for Festival 34/84 in the mail today and all the ideas for profiting off of my skill go buzzing through my head. I have art cards, I have potential for a giclee of The Season, but I’d like to have posters. I was hoping I could find a way to make them $10, but now it’s looking like $25 is the cheapest I can charge for a poster, a 16″x20″ poster. Jana was just such a hit last year, I feel I need to represent that work with a bigger print. My wallet isn’t that flexible. Brainstorming with Joel gave me some more realistic goals.
1) make one giclee of The Season, since the original is at Hollis 2) make one poster at Kinko’s and take orders for more, using a possible wireless connection at the fest. 3) Sell the cards I have and not order more. 4) make a mailing list from this blog, anyone know how to do that on my sidebar? Bob?
5) Get 4 pieces to Framewrights, maybe more for stretching and slides.
I’m just praying that I won’t have a huge Art History test the Monday after either one of these events.


One thought on “Like the Second Helping Thanksgiving Plate

  1. God must surely be with you, cuz no human could do all that. seriously. of course He’d be with you if you fell flat on your face, but it’s pretty apparent He’s interested in happy blessings right now.
    anyway, I could set up a mailing list thingy for you if you’d like. we could put a form somewhere here on your blog, and then I’d program a little thing on my family site that would email you the addresses of whoever signed up (the fact that it goes thru my site wouldnt be apparent to the user). only email addresses? or snail-mail too? it wouldnt take much time, so let me know and maybe I’ll do it during my lunch break tomorrow or something.

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