Hey Katie, It’s yer Birfday

I’m going to be 29 in a few weeks, so here’s my birthday list for all who love me, like me, or just want to send me a sweet surprise!
A Vacuum Cleaner or if you can’t afford that, at least one of these.
Laundry Room Shelves
Chuck Taylor low tops in pepper red
ipod tuner, not an itrip, I’ve heard they are overrated.
Target little jacket, or money to get one
apron for painting
apron for cooking
Rubber stamp alphabet
Duvet cover from IKEA
Roll of canvas
highchair from IKEA
Double Jogging Stroller
400 speed film
Manual Can opener
Chandelier earrings
Ryan Adams: Cold Roses
ColdPlay XY
Starbucks giftcard
IKEA giftcard
itunes giftcard
This T-shirt
Or this one
Get my hair did
Thanks everybody (especially the fam)! I’m 29…on October 12.


One thought on “Hey Katie, It’s yer Birfday

  1. kate

    Happy Birthday early…what a great idea to post ideas on your blog….maybe I should do that. I have abirthday coming up on Oct. 16! 28 for me….you are a year older and wiser…Kate

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