Painting together

september 071.jpg I have been working on my cows for watercolor class pretty madly this weekend. In order to keep the peace, I sat Josiah down with his Thomas book to watercolor with me. Good times. For a brief 2 year olds attention span. Josiah has started to fight napping. And this is not the greatest, since I need some good quality time to do not only things for school and gallery, but stuff like dishes, dinner, laundry and or course blogging. *smerk*
september 072.jpg I’ve been praying that we could hold off on the much shorter naps until next semester when I’ll peel it down to one class. This will make my homemaker life a bit more important.
september 074.jpgJoel gave me a good chunk of time on Saturday taking Josiah to the North GA state fair. Not much to write home about, but they had a petting zoo, a dog show and corn dogs. For the small fee of 5 bucks, Joel and Josiah made a day of it.september 068.jpg
Since Eden B was feeling sniffly she slept for a good 4 hours in the morning, and I got my groove on with my brown watercolor cows. The girl who sits next to me in class said that they reminded her of ice cream. Brown cows, get it. I’m thinking I’ll get another B on this project because my drawing skills are sloppy these days (I really did want to take drawing but, such is life) and my watercolor skills are fighting my abstract tendancies. I have to learn the formal way before I can abscure them they way I’d like. I’ll post a picture of them soon.
september 076.jpg
I started another painting on canvas board. It’s called Be Still and Know. I stole the image from Budge. I’m sure the Perkins would be glad to know.