watercolor cows.jpg
This is what I’m turning in today for my watercolor class. This is a terrible scan! I see the flaws, and I will not expect an A, but if I get a unexplained B I’ll be upset. I think I figured out alot in this assignment. But one thing I don’t know, I don’t know what kinda cows they are.
I used a sponge to get the funky spotted places on the big cow’s face and the crusty dirt on his horn. It was fun trying new objects. One thing I really wanted to try was salt. I played with it, but it wasn’t predictable enough for this project. So wish the cows luck as they are critiqued tonight. I hope my prof doesn’t vount off too much for poor drawing! sheesh…


7 thoughts on “Moo

  1. Scott

    Hey Katie,
    Hope you & Joel are well. …Real quick: do you have any suggestions for kid stuff to do, places to see in Atlanta? Me and the kids have a weekday free next week in Atlanta, and are looking for things to do.

  2. what drawing problems? actually, the contrast on that far cow is superb! Ramping up the contrast to define the subject when the chroma is so limited is one of the points of the exercise-which lesson carries over to all media….you should be proud.

  3. Thanks everybody! I’ll let you know what my prof has to say :S
    And I’ve always loved Ed Kellogg’s cows, Kirk! Better than his riverbed stuff!

  4. love the moo moos, you’ve got to know now that you are rollin’ with the watercolor. i am totally impressed. hey i’ll be down on the 15th & 16th for 34/84. and ah i’ll be callin’ you soon too. thanks for the official invite too!)

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