What do you represent?

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My art history prof showed us this cartoon recently. I think it’s great! It’s by Ad Reinhardt an Abstract Expressionist in the 1950’s who did large color field paintings. His most famous paintings being huge canvases that are just black. I think I saw one either in Chicago or San Fran. I don’t remember. I’d like this cartoon on a t-shirt.
I wrote small paper (it’s late) for today about survivor art from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Man, I got an emotional history lesson. You see pictures of the mushroom cloud and all but this art is amazing. hiroshima panal.bmp
The writings that are with it are gut wrenching. Check out all the panels here. They are incredible and it took this couple 30 years to make them. They really made me wonder, our generation has never seen a war like this. Not to belittle what’s happening in Iraq, but man. What do y’all think about nukes? I have never had a strong opinion, but the stuff you hear ever so often doesn’t make you comfortable. This isn’t be any means a political blog but what are we required to do, especially as Christians? That’s my question.
I watched the movie Crash last night and other troubling things entered my brain. It sends me into a whirlwind of prayer for the future. It makes me desire to worship and ask God for wisdom. It makes me think of my children and pray for their spirits to be moved. I hope my children step up even more than I ever will. I want to challenge myself, and in turn challenge them to be bold, brave and sacrificial. In these days of racism, nuclear weapons and international impact what does my faith require of me? How can I hold onto a great hope when horrible things happen. When they might happen to my children. I give it over to God again and again. I haven’t thought of myself as an overly compassionate person, this I do not admit with pride. But how is my destiny, my purpose going to help those in need. Those without hope. Our Heavenly Father must speak to us, or we are no different than those affected. Our foundation must be Him, and He is the only one who is strong.
In other art news: I went up to Chatt, met with Katie at Hollis and dropped off stuff for slides and stretching. I’ll go back up to Chatt on Thursday to pick up stuff. Katie was glad to see so many pieces up close. It was encouraging because I physically cannot paint as fast as I would like. I’m pretty sure she won’t want Cows. But she liked Father of an Absent Son, Harvest, Domestica, and of course Reception 3. I told her to keep whatever she wants to hang for the show. I hope I come home with something! I’m not worried though. I counted how many pieces I might have for the fest and it’s over 12, that’s plenty for the tent. Ultimately nothing will really sell there, so Katie won’t mind if I keep some for the fest. Of course not the ones that she absolutely loves. I’m in the fest for fun, connections, free food, and sales of cards and prints. I’ve ordered a print of the Season from Gallery Street, that will be a $300 print opposed to the $800 I want for the original. I also would like to print mini posters of some art work, maybe print to order for $20 a piece? We’ll see. My time, of course, is precious. I’m just glad that at this point, I do not feel I am deserting my kids. I always need to spend QT with them. They are such a gift, and no art show in the world will make up for loss of time with them while they’re little. I praise God for my kids.
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