Today wasn’t the day

Today wasn’t the day to go up to Chattanooga. I tried. I tried to get on the ball and do stuff early but to no avail. I went to Target to get dipes and then headed off. I was lucky to hit the event of ATL drivers not knowing how to drive in the rain. Especially truck drivers. You would think that truck drivers would know that after we go a week without rain that they will have to drive more cautiously when it does. Both 75N and 75S were blocked by flipped over or jack-knifed tractor trailors. I sat for an hour and got to Cartersville, where after having a pleasent, bide-your-time stroller conversation with Kirk, I got off and went down 41 only to realize it was going to be a long haul. I stopped at the nearest BK and got Jos a happy meal. Fed Eden B. Then after getting back on 41 decided this was not going to work. It was already 2pm. So maybe while Joel enjoys the Falcons-Patriots game on Sunday I’ll go up. I just hate screwing up family time while Joel is home to run errands in Chattanooga. I wanted to get stuff done early. But keeping my little kids out of dangerous traffic is more important. I am a working artist, but I am a harder working mama, and that’s that.
Folks on Flickr really like the Pods I put in the negative space on Lioness. 4 people call it their “favorite”. So I got an idea.
october 007.jpg
Forever ago I took some scrap canvas and “stretched it around blocks of wood left over from laying our hardwood floor. I mean, they’re cool little blocks! Something should be done with them besides chucking them in the trash. My version of recycling I guess. I made a bunch of little Pod paintings while I watched Pollock the other day.
october 006.jpg
october 013.jpg
I need to find a good way to display them though, since it’s just canvas taped around a kinda uneven block of wood. Hardwood flooring has tongues and grooves and the tongues part sticks out on one side leaving one side with a lump and the other flat. At Target they had small black frames for $3.50. I got 4 to experiment. If it doesn’t work I’ll take them back. I’m very familiar with the folks at the Target returns counter. It has become easier to buy and take it back then, deciding at home and going back out to Target. And I make weekly trips it seems, even though unlike Lynn’s, my Target doesn’t have a Starbucks inside it. That would Rock.
I am loving this fall weather. Time to start wearing shoes more, hoodies, and getting my girl’s dresser cleared out of summer dresses for cute sweaters and pants. I also found a cute way to use the bundles of ribbon I have and celebrate my girl’s girliness!
october 002.jpg
Here’s the fun liquid frisket/mask projects I’ve been experimenting with in class! More pods and fun with leaves!
october 009.jpg
october 011.jpg


5 thoughts on “Today wasn’t the day

  1. it seems that in a seemingly impossible day the beauty comes thru anyway. your pods are making me go bonkers! i’d love to do some-thing complimenting-ipod covers sounds good too lynn! and eden is my goodness gracious! a bundle of pure cute! i have to work this weekend, but i’ll be down for 34/84.

  2. Thena Dare (Beam)

    Hey Katie! I just fond your blog again while searching for Amy and Joseph Nichols online! How are you? DO you have 3 kids now? That is crazy… I am still in L.A.- have been married for about a hear and a half now- love it… but not ready for the whole kids thing πŸ™‚ How are you? WOuld love to hear from you… I really love your artwork too- was looking at some of your stuff. – Well, since I am here, do you by any chance have an email for Amy or Joseph? If you do, that would be GREAT! I hope you are well- looking at your blog makes me miss the special community there in Chattanooga- things are different here in L.A., but Ted and I are blessed to be in a great little church community- thank God.
    OK! Take care, and I’ll hope to hear from you soon!

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