God gives Great Answers

As I was getting ready for the Fest on Friday I had to punish Josiah to stay in his room at naptime, and I had to let Eden scream for a few minutes b/c it wasn’t time for her to wake up, or eat, and at 5 months she knows what her thumb is for. But I hated it, in fact, the tasks on top of usual caretaking and discipline made me ask God the question: Lord, am I doing the right thing? If not, please tell me! Well, I got out of my blue funk, and went about the preparation for the fest. october 064.jpg Our whole little family stayed late Friday night setting up the tent, the grids, and fastening my paintings tight. I stayed up til 1:30am prepping stuff for the next day. Cat joined us for set up on Saturday and we enjoyed coffee, biscuits and cheese grits from the lovely people at the Fest. By early afternoon I had noticed this woman, dressed very nicely, going in and out of my tent. I thought she was going to buy something. Cat and I made eyebrows at each other in recognition of something good about to happen. Then I realized she was going to Lifeblood, and it made me a little sad, because I really don’t want to sell it anymore. I love it, I think I’ll keep it forever.
october 073.jpg
I had sat down to enjoy a few brief moments with my daughter to nurse her when I saw the woman again. She was accompanied by the director of the fest, Kate, and Shane MacDonald from KSU.
october 067.jpg
I heard them talk a little bit. This is what was awesome, beware bunny-trail: My painting Jana always gets ooo’s and aah’s. It has gotten kinda irritating because I did the painting like 8 years ago and I want people to like my newest work! The director said “This painting is amazing!” She was pointing to Jana (Ugh, I thought). The nicely dressed woman said “Yes, it is BUT….” and she spoke softly about Lifeblood, things I did not hear (Yeah! I thought) Then I heard them say, “Too bad she’s not here for us to congratulate” that’s when I spoke up and said, nursing baby and all “Here I am, I’m here” All 3 congratulated me and hurried next door to give the 3rd place ribbon (very cool jewelry, I scored some earrings). Since I was nursing I didn’t see what award they gave me. I was dying of curiousity! My neighbors Teresa and Anthony had become quick buds and he came over to say good job. I asked him to tell me which award I got (I tried not to get my hopes up). When he said Best of Show I just about died. I kept all my excitment inside. I still can’t believe I’m not completely floating about it.
october 077.jpg
I must say though, the thrill kept Team Knutson in good spirits when our Camry died on Joel that same night. He went to Jadon’s birthday party with Josiah and he called me at 7pm to say they couldn’t get the car to start. After the dinner and awards ceremony Cat and I drove to Roswell to pick up Josiah and wait with Joel for the tow truck. We are 90% sure it is the timing belt. It could be much much worse. Also after I won the award, Joel moved Lifeblood to the front so people would stop and look (it soooo worked) and in the process a gust of wind knocked over a bunch of stuff and Attention got punctured! Nothing was going to burst my bubble though. I can work with it. I’ve dealt with worse losses than this.
The prize is just for that one piece. Where as they also gave 1st 2nd and 3rd to whole booths. But I do believe that Best of Show is the top award. They also gave a Best of Show to a 3D artist as well. I had met the guy handing out the awards earlier and when he called my name for the award (he said Knutson right–score!) He asked if he could give it to Eden who was dozing in the Bjorn strapped to my front.
october 075.jpg
I said sure and the envelope was tucked inside the back of the Bjorn–hehehe. Everyone laughed. Quite appropriate, I won an award for my portrait of Josiah. Babies are my life right now, homemaking is what I love to do. And my art is what I have to do because God gave me a pretty good answer and a push forward this weekend.
october 076.jpg
“Faithful, you are faithful, I have found nothing but good in your heart. Loving, you are loving, I am in love with the way that you are. Thankful I am thankful, I had been running away on my own. And then you found me, oh, how you love me, I know you’ll never leave me alone.” —Enter the Worship Circle


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