It can be done

If I ever wondered if I could finish 2 paintings in one week now I know. I completed my watercolor assignment, albeit it was slahhhh-peee. I disgust myself with how nasty it was. drips, drops and crookedness. I turned it in, got one good remark, and I’m certain I’ll at least get a B. The projects this go around were sad. 4 students didn’t even turn it in! So I felt better, I was starting to dream up disaster stories to tell my prof via email so I could get out of this assignment. It’s OK, I can file it under “to chop up later”.
I finished my cathedral piece. I was going to call it Be Still and Know but now I’m sot so sure. The tug is that my paintings in no way speak of being still. This one involves drips and splashes, quick marks with the puff paint an gestural stick people. The only this that is still is the composition. I finished this one after hitting repeat a few times on The Shins New Slang (I am such a junkie for that song!) setting the painting down on it’s back and doing a Pollack across the top of it. Whippee, Whapow! Goes the paint with a gentle splash landing. And I then know. People ask, “when do you know when it’s done” It’s relief. Like a long drag on a cigarette, or for the more health conscious- the feeling after you run in the cool morning. All the weight just falls off. I had have of my load fall off yesterday around 6:45pm and the other half just fell off and hour ago I guess. My first two thoughts after completing this piece in record time were, “I love you” and “Thank You Lord!” I am so thankful for what I have. And I am thankful that I can worship with a brush in my hand. That I can display my feelings from my heart, down my arm, through my brush as a color. I just want to cry. Some work, I’m sorry to say, I am so sick of when it’s done. I can’t wait to get rid of it. But others, like this one, and Lifeblood, Crowned Nude, Gideon’s portrait, there are probably others, these paintings are beloved. They can surround me my whole life and I will always love to look at them, and touch them. I remember how God helped me complete it. That He took away my selfish desire to make something for me and He turns it into time for Him. I’ll hand this beloved painting to KStout at Hollis tomorrow and who knows, it could be going home with someone else tomorrow night.
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2 thoughts on “It can be done

  1. I just love this painting. I was so captivated by it at Hollis, I kept walking up to it over and over again. I don’t know ANYTHING about the “right” thing to say about paintings but “be still” or whatever you decide to call it is so moving. Its just what I needed to experience after such a long stressful week of worries and anxieties about labor. Be still and know…if we had the funds, I would buy it in an instant! My “old favorite” of yours was the season, this is definitely my new favorite. So did you sell any paintings this weekend? Oh yeah and I got to hold your little Eden at Susan’s thing, she is precious, so tiny and beautiful!

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