Art is the Reason for the Season

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I finished this piece called “Be Still” on Thursday night before leaving for Chattanooga. It’s a terrible ‘middle of the night’ digital, sorry. KStout needed it hung before the opening. I love it, it came out so great. The Modge Podge made the top all shiny and bright. It rocks. I’m hoping I have an opportunity to get a good photo of it. So maybe it won’t sell right away.
Thanks to all you guys that came to the opening. Especially those who came when I wasn’t there yet. Thanks Hatch’s and Weigers! I know it’s a bit nerve racking to bring kids to a non kid friendly zone. Marialice Hatch told me that her kids were about to have a melt down when they got to the gallery. KStout offered them Cokes and peace happened briefly. On the way out MA took her daughters cup of Coke cuz she was moving at a snail’s pace and her daughter shrieked, “Mommy, don’t take my beer!” Hilarious. I’m glad all you guys got to see my art in person, it represents much better.
All in all we had a fun time at the opening. I finally felt stress free. KStout seemed bummed. When I showed at 6:30 she was a little nervous that everyone had gone to dinner and we had an empty opening. Most of the folks that came to the opening were “my peeps”. My sister-in-law Sarah came in all her gestational beauty, Aaron and Laurie Collier stayed for a while, and went home with the blue pods. My dad was there to snap photos with his disposable camera. It was awesome to see Fran and Aaron Thompson, my childhood buds are precious. My fourth grade teacher even came! Joel was the martyr. He took the kids to Susan Green’s hoopla and then came by briefly to let me feed Eden before putting the kids to bed. He was at the opening for about 30 minutes chasing Josiah around most of the time. I hope KStout wasn’t crazy by the time my kids left. Joel was bummed he didn’t get to see the event. He did get to come and celebrate with me, Cat, her “date” Josh and Aaron and Laurie. We ate mouth watering Daniel Lindley food and weaseled our way into 2 free desserts. YUM.
KStout was not happy. I had nothing to lose really. My main goal is not to sell, sell, sell. It is her goal. I hope she is encouraged that the artwork will sell. I think it will. She said her main mistake was that she didn’t put the opening in any of the papers. I really like Katie and I believe in her career as an art dealer just like she believes in me as an artist. Joel and I have been praying for her that she will be sucessful, not for our benefit, but so God can be glorified. This is my mission field. So let’s get to it.
This weekend was also filled with other fun events. Sarah, my sister-in-law, had a brunch shower on Saturday. Her friends made these cute balloons for her little girls safari theme.
october 118.jpgoctober 120.jpg
I just about died they were so great. Josiah took one look at the elephant and yanked the trunk right off. Sarah got some great stuff. It was good to see Ms. Carrie Stewart. I haven’t seen her in a long time.
Saturday night we headed down to the Mecca in Chickamauga to have a great bonfire with the Greens, the Perkins, and the Willisons. That’s a total of 7 kids with a Phin on the way. We had enough room for all the kiddies. We were so proud of Josiah, Joel made him a pallette on the floor and he stayed there! Good Boy! It was a good time telling stories and planning for the future. It’s crazy that we all are almost 30 and still feel like kids.
Me and the kids are at home today taking it easy. All my running around has given me the sniffles. I hope Eden wakes up soon so we can go for a walk in the great autumn weather. So back to the ol’ grind. I have a watercolor project due on Halloween. 8 pictures of clouds, rain, fog and reflection. I don’t want to be doing them in Helen. Where we’re going next weekend. The fun never stops.
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One thought on “Art is the Reason for the Season

  1. The opening was grand – even if you weren’t there when we came wizzing through entourage in tow. Your story about the coke (beer) is only enhanced by the fact that my son threw a fit when I told him he couldn’t have any wine when we first walked in….
    Your work is definitely worth seeing in person. I love the subtext development, the way it adds richness to the images. The pods were cool too, though they might have been missed in the corner.
    Keep up the good work.

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