As you probably know, it’s exhausting to have fun!

In Joel’s never-ending quest for fun (I praise God for my adventurous husband, I’m happy watching Alias on the couch) we went to Helen GA with our kids and all Perkindom. I had to do homework but I must say, God is good and I got it done with 30 minutes to spare to put my face on, YEAH! Having the beautiful surroundings of north GA was nice to kick back, eat nice food (even when it had to be zapped), have all the boys play play play and paint. I had to do eight 8×10 watercolors of the exciting subjects of: clouds, rain, reflection in water and fog. Snooze. I can go without doing that again. But I made it a fun trip down memory lane by choosing pictures of Scandinavia. After all, they have some of the most beautiful examples of those weather phenomenas. Andy and I had fun playing our ipod music through computer speakers while Gideon and Josiah ran around, played with trains and rocks. Isaac and Josiah fought over the same toys, and Eden tried not to be tackled.
The mystery of my itunes card was solved, my brother in law, Nathan called and told me he gave it to me and will fix the problems with it. He turned 30 on Sunday, Happy Birthday Nate! My camera broke again so Canon has yet another task to fix it. I hope my camera is not a lemon. I can’t say I’ve treated it perfectly but it shouldn’t have broken, twice. Both of our cars were down at the end of last week, and with half a day to spare before going to Helen, our friend Brandon fixed the Corolla with a new alternater and the Camry was fixed when we got home. 2 cars, $250 bucks. Can’t say that’s a bad price! With the Helen trip, our little fam did nothing for Halloween, I’m not that upset, but I would like some mini-chocolate to feast on. *sigh* my hips don’t need it. I did get a pumpkin at Harry’s yesterday to have a bit of fall cheer at our house. I helps to have a glowing pumpkin when it’s dark at 6pm.
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I have been feeling the tug of division between school and kids alot lately. Especially since our schedule being thrown off by car-lessness and Helen made Eden very unhappy about going back to her regular nap schedule. There are things you hold up as standards of good parenting and when your circumstances go awry you bend those standards for sanity’s sake. I have been disappointed with myself. TV watching, lazy discipline, prolonged potty-training, diet slacking, and flith in general have made me question my decisions once again.
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I had a good cry about it and prayer that has been late in coming, came reminding me that God is the only one that can give me strength to get back in the bandwagon. It is scary being a parent. Knowing that you are the one in charge of these little people, these little souls. My main goals should always be my children’s hearts and how I can instill the knowledge of God everyday. Everyone has their methods, but it is the Holy Spirit’s work that gives us the tools to help our kids learn. I have found my greatest tool is prayer and song. I made up a little tune to sing to Josiah, and now, Eden when they go to bed. We pray for all our loved ones that are so far away. Josiah will add names of people on his mind that day. SMoore is often one of them (what an impression she must have made!). Then at the end of the song I sing a blessing over Josiah: God bless, Josiah! Make him a strong man of faith. May he do things for the Kingdom no one else can do! And often these days he;ll add That’s Me! to the end of the song. It’s cool. Then he’ll launch into Eden’s blessing: God bless Baby Eden! Make her a great worshipper. May she be a blessing to everyone she meets. I feel like I fall short, but if I can find the time to reach my children’s heart through a little song at bedtime and teach them the power of prayer, song, and blessing than I myself will feel blessed.
I have dried carrot on my shoulder…


5 thoughts on “As you probably know, it’s exhausting to have fun!

  1. Oh, may the Lord continue to show us how short we fall so we remain humble and dependent on the Holy Spirit!
    Gid’s going through Josiah withdrawal.

  2. Dad

    It blesses me that you sing to your children, and that you’re making up songs. That’s my gig, too! God has been helping me lately to write more and to enjoy serving his children who are all around me here with tunes. Please sing it for us when you’re up here.

  3. Dad

    It blesses me that you sing to your children, and that you’re making up songs. That’s my gig, too! God has been helping me lately to write more and to enjoy serving his children who are all around me here with tunes. Please sing it for us when you’re up here.

  4. Sing! Relax about the cleaning and the schooling and make and parent and know that it sounds like, looks like, you are making beautiful things (most importantly those little ones).
    Watch your mailbox for a treat…

  5. Sandy

    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for “Cartersville Portrait Artists”. You’re definitely as talented as a writer as you are an artist. Perhaps in your next life, you can write a book. The thing about being a talented, right-brained person; there aren’t enough minutes in each day to accomplish all the things you are capable of. The glorious beauty is that we right-brained folks are blessed with the ability to enjoy, relish, capture and remember each glorious (and painful{: moment of our lives.
    Keep singing to those babies, slow down a little and know (take if from this grandma) that there is plenty of time left to pursue your dreams when they’re more self-sufficient. You won’t regret it, I promise!

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