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You see it on teeny-bopper shows or maybe Warner Bros cartoons. Someone gets a glass of water thrown in the face to wake them up. You wonder if this really happens, well it happened to me this morning. Since Eden B. has been eating real food, I’ve been trying to get a couple good glasses of water in me every day so I don’t dry up for her. Last night I put my glass of water on my nightstand thinking, “You know, I should move that to my dresser.” This morning Eden and I dozed as Joel got in and out of the shower, and Josiah chirped around in his morning-person tones. All of a sudden I hear, “Here ya go Mama, Here ya go!” and whoosh! the remainder of my glass drenched my face, my shirt and my pillow. My first instinct would be to yell but (thank you Lord) instead I laughed and said, “Thank you Josiah.” Changed my shirt, changed my pillowcase, put the glass on the dresser. Josiah said “Oh. All wet.” I smerked, “Yeah Josiah, you got Mama all wet!” Eden continued to sleep peacefully under the comforter.
Later this morning I spent a little too much time on myself after my shower. I know this because something bad happens. Leave something alone long enough and bad things happen: mold, decay, overgrowth. Leave a toddler alone for long enough and well…you fill in the blank with a story of your own. I had praised Josiah for his potty use this morning before my shower. I have been trying to make sure he goes pee a few times before we leave in the mornings. He wanted to show me his 2nd or 3rd effort that morning so he carried his little potty up the stairs to my room to show me. Most of the contents of the potty had not made it up the stairs with him. Thankfully it was only pee. Never thought that would be something I was thankful for. I am thankful, once again, for my hardwood floors! I was actually amazed there was something left in the potty to show me and dump in the toilet. Blast that Once Upon a Potty book! “And Joshua came to show me his full potty” yeah, great,
most of the time.
Might I note that while spaghetti squash is healthier to use than spaghetti noodles it is risky to your digits to cut! I pray to Jesus every time I am trying to cut into those things that I will not be going to the ER because of dinner! We’ll see, that butternut is one of the only veggies Josiah eats these days. I guess I trip to the ER for your sons overall health is worth it?
At Isaac Perkins first birthday Lynn truly outdid herself. I guess she’s hit some super-woman pregnancy hormones. Listen to me talk. What am I doing these days? Everything. But she made pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cupcakes, crafts to make, cider, and best of all: caramel apples! With Eden in my arms most of the time (Andy did get some girl snuggle time in though) I was not able to partake in the apple at the party but I took 2 home with me. The next day I decided to eat it but most of the caramel had slid off the apple, “I’ll heat it up and mush the caramel back on” I thought. But I had stored the apple in an empty Starbucks cup and a Ziploc bag. I removed the apple and zapped the rest in the microwave. Bad scene. The cup and the bag melted. As I tried to salvage what was left some hot caramel dripped on my pinky finger as I went to throw the bag away. YEEEE-OUCH!!! This caramel burned the crap out of my pinky!!! I had my hand soaking in cold water the rest of the night! When I took my hand out of the cold water searing pain shot through all my fingers! I was praying to Jesus to heal my pinky that’s how bad it hurt! I thought, “Crap I have to paint with this hand tomorrow! What will I do?” I was trying to envision the next day taking care of the kids with this overwhelming pain in my right hand. I’m such a wuss. By bedtime the pain was tolerable enough to slather aloe on it and wrap it in gauze. The next morning I had a pretty funky wave of a blister going down the length of my pinky. I did eat the apple though. And, Lynn, it was very good.


3 thoughts on “Humanity

  1. I like to eat scrambled eggs with cottage cheese. A few years ago, I woke up at 2am to make such. I had metal burner covers on my stove (so I would never have to clean them). I turned the wrong burner on, proceeded to open my book while I stirred the not-cooking eggs. I went to lay my bookmark on a burner, and sizzled three of my fingers on a metal burner cover.
    Lavendar oil took the sting out immediately. Even though the burns were so bad they were white, I didn’t feel the pain. Next time: lavendar oil!

  2. Krista

    I burned my hand on hot bacon grease once, and my friend got some tomato slices (cold!) and made me keep a cold tomato-slice compress on the burn for 20 minutes. (You have to switch the tomato slices out, because they warm up pretty fast. Keep it cold.) It still stung, but the next day the burn was totally healed. Yay for tomato.

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