Do It!!

My assignment for my contemporary art class was to find instructions from the “DO IT” website and follow them in a public place so, perhaps, an audience would see it and react. There wasn’t much of an audience unfortunately. I thought it was fun to do. I had to do something that I could involve my kids with and I wouldn’t be too embarassed. I decided to write a poem in toothpicks. The assignment also stated that I was to do it on KSU campus. Yeah right. It’s hard enough to get there without the kids. I hate dragging them there, it’s tough. So we went to Marietta Square and did it. There’s the train slide and hopefully I could construct the poem with Eden on my back. She’s a backpack girl these days. The Latino families that were at the playground pretty much ignored us entirely, too bad too. I got a long stare from a bench sitter and a smile from a man passing by. But it’s hard to tell if they react to the event since me and my kids can be an event all by itself. It was fun though, Josiah was thrilled to repeat all the letters I was constructing. And even more thrilled when I read it back to him. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. This one has a little star, this one has a little car, Say! What a lot of fish there are! When the wind blew good it pretty much destroyed all my work. Oh well, the point was the process. Josiah was very upset and wanted to reconstruct it. I put it back together one time for a picture the second time I left it alone and let Josiah play with the sticks. He was very happy when he made a ‘V’. It’s his favorite letter these days. Hmmmm, could it be because of the flying ‘V’ guitar?


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  1. i wish that i could have been there for the ultra cool out of doors experiment with josiah and that eden b. of yours. what an assignment! i wonder what i would take for me to go back to school?

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