Art Overload

I wanted to share a whole lotta art I’ve had sitting around waiting to be scanned. There just doesn’t seem like enough kid-free hours in the day to spend in the office these days. Especially since Eden B. naps in here. But enjoy, feast you eyes, comment and if you have any desire to posses, please drop me a line!
Clouds, so many clouds, I’m weary of clouds.
A still life of driftwood done in high contrast
koolaid and curry1.jpg
Playing with food as paint. It wasn’t as fun as it sounds. Curry, koolaid and chocolate smell wretched on your brush.
chocolate curry and koolaid.jpg
More food. This one is stickier.
tulip poplar.jpg
Another still life of dried tulip poplar seed.
I am so pleased with this one! This is what I love about watercolors! This is my classmate Lauren. Her brush was molding tonight after painting with koolaid on Monday. ewwww.
I will be loading more art onto my flickr account. Some will probably appear on future entries so look out! Including Josiah art and a special new friend I got in the mail *smile*


2 thoughts on “Art Overload

  1. kate

    impressive. all around impressive! I really like the tulip one. your class mate looks great too! they all do…if i could paint you better believe i wouldn’t be cleaning my senior pastor’s house every week!

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