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After about an hour of little boy screaming I am frazzled. I happened to let it slip that we were going to church tonight and he would get to see Gary play the guitar (Gary is the lead guitarist in our worship team). I can’t wait until Josiah gets the perception of time down. We’ve learned to wait until the last minute before telling him something fun will happen, but I just had a weak moment. In other weak moments, I have fell for the “Mama, I have to go pee-pee” and let him out of bed, taken him to the potty, where he continues to chat, sit, observe, squeeze not a drop of pee out, and get to stay awake another 10 minutes. I gave in once and have been paying for it ever since. It’s hard because my little boy is preying on my desire to get him potty trained fully. So poor Josiah has been lying in his bed writhing in tantrum because he wants to see the guitars, not lie in bed. I finally tried to tell him that when his Papa gets home we’ll see the guitars: “Is Papa home?” “No.” “We’ll go see the guitars when Papa gets home, when it’s dark outside, OK!” I think I saw a little lightbulb go off. Then after a brief period I realized Josiah was not in his room. Mild mama panic. Then where do I find him, on the potty! Diaper off, pants down (But not off! yeah!) and he had actually gone pee. Wow, it’s not over yet. Through the monitor I still here his running commentary. At least he’s in his room.
Here’s some nice pictures from Mr. Andy:
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We didn’t celebrate Halloween, we celebrated Isaac’s first birthday! Eden was a butterfly and Josiah was a Rock Star! I wanted him to be more punk looking, but he ended up looking more like Elvis. Whatever, rock n’ roll dude. Some more pictures might pop up in later entries, but check out more from the party here.
And this is for Holly, because she loves baby cheeks, Ike’s are the best!


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  1. oh yes- I too learned the hard way about that time thing, learned to reveal things to ava at the very last minute and only when I was VERY VERY SURE things were going to happen. I can relate.
    love your halloween pics! love those butterfly wings and your rocker dude is just too cool for school. seriously, that 5 o’clock shadow is killing me.

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