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These days it seems that my Coldplay album is ministering to me more than my worship music.
My baby girl snuggling against my shoulder reminds me how much I am loved.
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Even though I have 10 pounds on me more than I’d like, I still feel beautiful.
At 29 I feel like a silly girl when I can dance around the kitchen with my little boy to Billy Idol’s Dancing with myself.
Sleep is more precious than it ever has been, because I leave it for my most desperate times, and I don’t mind sharing it with a few other bodies in my bed.
I love wool socks, my hardwood floors, my boy’s moose slippers, red wine, candles in my fireplace and hot tea.
Entering a house full of children of my friends and seeing the amazing gene pool represented gives me an overwhelming sense of real community. It should make me feel old, but no, it makes me feel normal and yes, I want time to stand still just for a little while.
Baby hair really is the softest stuff ever.
A dirty house isn’t so bad when I can sit for a couple hours with no sound but the music in my ears and make many pieces of art.
Soup for a meal is like a lot of hugs all through your body.
Children laughing makes all my exhaustion go away, and reminds me that I am way too serious.
Thinking of what my little family can accomplish for the future brings the all the tasks to mind, but it also gives me reasons to dream and smile and dwell on God’s goodness.
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Sometimes when Joel goes to work for the day it makes me so sad that he has to leave at all.
I remember what it was like to be afraid, and now that I have more things to worry about, I am much less afraid. Thank you Lord.
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I am so thankful that the holidays are not a stressful time. I am so glad for a unified, beautiful family, young and old.
I love it when my husband makes coffee on the weekends.
I look at almost every car on the road and wonder what it would take to own one. I don’t feel like I’m coveting at all, but I try to change my thought process to what I already have.
Memories of Scandinavia make my heart swell over and over. All the memories.
Every day is precious, and every moment with my children and my husband is never a waste, it’s always worth it.
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  1. Camila

    What a lovely text. I’m going to get married soon and the life you’ve pictured sounds delightful.
    Thanks for the little wisper of hope and happiness.
    I don’t even know you, but I wish you and your family the best.

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