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Happy Thanksgiving from sunny, warm Gainesville FL! We’re here visiting Joel’s brother Nathan and his wife Laura. We’re breaking their little home in for kids by envoking the wrath of Josiah the toddler in a 2 bedroom apartment. We had a great meal, Laura is a wonderful cook!
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Joel bought Nathan a buncha games for his birthday, Christmas, marriage and all around geeking out. I have not been able to participate in most of the games since I have watercolor homework to do. The great thing about this homework is that it fits on less than half a table and you can chat while doing it! But anyway, we played Settlers of Catan Seafarer’s last night and I frickin’ won! Amazing.
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Eden B. being the precious and delicate flower she is has not had an easy time of it here. Every time we go away for vay-kay she seems to have a little spell of sleeplessness. Here I am typing when I got maybe 4 hours last night, probably less. My kids are sucking years away from me just like that torture machine in Princess Bride. I think Eden has had a mulititude of difficulties. She’s in the same room as her brother for naps. She has the sniffles. And I do believe she’s in a growth spurt. At 2am last night she downed 4 oz of cereal. I spent the better part of last night on the couch with her. Reminds me of many nights with Josiah. So although I am enjoying visiting with family, family that we see so rarely, I look forward to putting my girl in her own bed with nothing to hinder her beauty sleep. And I must say it’s working, I have a beautiful little girl. Sleeplessness and all.
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Sweet potato on my sweet pea in her new IKEA Antilop highchair (it rules!)


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  1. I love that low picture of her in her high chair!
    My kids always stopped sleeping whenever we went on vacation….especially when they were babies. Hope she feels better soon!

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