Self Portrait Tuesday

november 036.jpg
Josiah and I had a fun day at a playground in Gainesville over Thanksgiving. The Girl’s Club in front of the playground had a cool retro slide. Just a plain straight shiny metal slide with a tall ladder. I then rememberd SPT’s theme of reflection, whatta great opportunity! I think I’m set for the month. Josiah and I had great fun climbing up and down it. They also had a tree house and some great Lincoln Log style forts that sent flashbacks all through my brain. Good times. I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures from that playground for months to come.
november 022.jpgnovember 030.jpg
In an attempt to try and load movies, here’s a playground movie of Josiah getting bonked by the merry-go-round. And just so you know, I didn’t know he bonked his head until I watched the movie later. As you can see, his pain tolerance is high.


4 thoughts on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. that’s a cool little film short you’ve got there the kid is incredible isn’t he? bonk went his head, just so cute, i wanna squeeze him.

  2. old school slides are the best! really. and I also miss merry-go-rounds and teeter-totters. love this SPT. can’t wait to experiment with reflective surfaces myself…!

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