Sorry my dear readers…

tree 2004.jpg
I have to post the gratuitous Christmas lists. I feel it’s easier than emails and I can include links. I tried to find a site that was easy to make Christmas lists, but it was too hard, I got better things to do. And I have these fun thoughts that some random stranger in India will send me a present. hehehe.
Edens gift list Jumpster. Pajamas with feet 6-9m or 9-12m. Cute coat, hoodie or bunting. Handmade doll more as a keepsake. Blanket with ribbon tags. Stuffed Animal. “First Christmas” ornament. Any fun toy or board book like Maisys favorite animals. Fun barretts. Dresses and tights. Cute shoes. Bathtub mirror.
Josiahs gift listPajamas 4T (no feet) 5T (with feet). Childrens Bible. Bongo drums. M is for Melody. Dan Zanes Album, anyone really. Here come the ABCs. Pajama Time. Dont let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Tickle the Duck!
Toy school bus. Melissa and Dougs percussion set. Melissa’s and Doug’s Fire Engine. Tricycle.
Joels gift list Topeak child carrier for bike, for little Eden. Jeans. 20ft ladder. Khakis. Red wine: shiraz. Pocket knife blade, corkscrew, screwdriver/bottle opener. Tie. Family membership to ATL aquarium, botanical gardens, zoo. San Juan. Seafarers of Catan. English Catan cards so those folks who don’t know Norweigan can play with us.
Katies gift listMinivan. Vacuum cleaner. Laundry room shelves. Coat. Chuck Taylor low tops. Wicker cloth lined baskets, med or large. IKEA gift card.
Apron, one for painting, one for cooking. Sets of hooks with white base, 3 or 4 hooks per base. Bath and Body works lotion. Perfume. 400 speed film. Itunes gift card. Starbucks gift card. Haitian or other ethnic nativity set.