Self Portrait Tuesday

november 039.jpg
The waterfountain next to the big slide in Gainsville. Josiah loves waterfountains, and he spotted this one for me, all bright and shiny.


2 thoughts on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. wow, I am totally digging how your head took on the shape of the water fountain… divine.
    and on an unrelated note, I read on your sidebar that you will be in st.louis for christmas (this is sort of my old neck of the woods)… are you from there? or have you been often? if not, I have a recommendation for you… I am CRAZY about a place called city museum, downtown st. louis. so fabulous! I have been many times (and actually, may be there on new years eve)…! anyway, you may or may not have time (or you may have already been there)… anyway, it’s worth a trip. couldn’t resist mentioning it…!

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