Why I love

Little Girls.
december 018.jpg
Sorry to those of you who do not have daughters, but this is what I have been dying to do the past few days because I hate (and I use this strongly) the hair ornaments for little girls with the ridiculous bows and elastic back—ugh.
december 014.jpg
I took wool felt, glued very quickly cut flowers on it then sewed them down and sewed ribbon to tie it on. Ohhhh, it makes me sooo happy! Felt and cuteness. Oh, yeah, I’m taking orders.
Little Boys.
december 016.jpgdecember 017.jpg
Because you can dress them up like a box of Crayolas and no one questions their gender. Because they get to make cheesy smiles for Sunday School ornaments.
december 015.jpg


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  1. Yeeeeeah, I guess you can Bob. I’m sure that I’m not the first person to think of it. I think Cat found a whole group of artists that make felt stuff.

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