On her way to stardom

So I got together with some of my bestest buds this weekend. Cat and JenK came down to rescue me from boredom. We went to Whole Foods and The High and Lynn and her boys joined us at IKEA. In between we took care of kids and played with them too. We drank lots of coffee and made cookies. It’s cool to feel so comfortable with my girls. They cleaned my kitchen while I put the kids to bed. I knew they wouldn’t care if my floors were dirty or if the kids kept us from hanging out a little bit longer somewhere. And the 7am wake up calls from Josiah were not so annoying when I had two other sleepy faces to enjoy his cheeriness with. I wish I had gotten more pictures, but here are some from IKEA. Some of my faves:
december 043.jpgdecember 045.jpg
Some guy who has an “I love IKEA” website wrote me and asked if he could post Eden’s picture on the website for the “IKEA cuteness factor Mondays”. I guess he posts a new one each week, this past week it was a cat. Eden is already turning heads!
Here’s the pretty thing in action in her latest film: This Bag is Not a Toy!
sarah in the sun.bmp
My brother and his wife Sarah are at the hospital trying to get my niece out. They’re trying some pitocin before they break water. Let’s pray that she makes an entrance. I told my brother that everything will work out and Sarah will do great and that little girl will show up today. He kinda herumphed over the phone, but according to Lynn I have extreme skills in the department of declaring babies to be born. hehehe. I talked to God and asked Him to bring baby girl Ward by 6pm tonight. Maybe that’s reaching for a first baby, but 6pm is a nice time to give birth.
Ah, my daughter went to sleep. Mom 2 kids 0. Mom’s the Champion! Now to reheat my tea.