Active in the Season?

december 088.jpg
Could this be for you?
I spent the kids naptime on Saturday wrapping presents. The shopping bags behind the tree were beginning to look vague and I want to remember what’s back there. Pretty bad huh?
I have not been feeling the joy lately. This past week was very hard to get out of a funk. I have so many projects rollin around in my brain but the time is precious. My kids don’t nap at the same time, at least not this past week. That makes it hard. I felt trapped by the holidays. Weekly stuff for the kids gets cancelled, traffic is hell, shops are packed and it’s too cold outside to play. All I want to do is stay at home and paint, sew and make yummy food. My kids don’t tolerate these activities for more than an hour.
But then on Thursday my niece
was born and that gave me even more reason to get excited about Christmas. Travelling to St. Louis. New horizons, highway under my feet for miles. Travelling sounds worth it and good times lie ahead.
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And then Friday even though we trudged through traffic, we made it to Marta and to the Hawks/Knicks game. It was fun to see the crowds and see Josiah so excited about all the activity. “Sir Topham Hat!” he shouts as the Marta driver announces the next stops. We chat with other Marta riders and sneak french fries and Cokes into the diaper bag.
december 086.jpg
The empty aisles and thundersticks kept Josiah free to roam and be loud, two of his favorite things. We missed the first half, I could tell Joel was irritated by that, but the point was to be out, as a family, and enjoy the sights. I mean, why do we live in Atlanta? Do be able to do these things on Friday night!
On Sunday we spent time as a family, examined our hearts and plans, we read advent passages and we had lunch at our local Metro Market. Definately some yummy food and deserves a repeat from friends who come to visit us. Last evening we went to the Worrell’s and had a casual Christmas get together. All the kids were underfoot, the cookies flowed freely and fellowship was enjoyed.
This week I am looking to the home stretch of waiting for holiday to start. I am still waiting for several packages to arrive. YIKES! I’ve begun praying that they would miraculously arive. *Sigh*. Christmas will still be great without the super-dooper gifts. Maybe we’ll have a third Christmas at New Year’s!
december 065.jpg
I’ve put wool felt baby girl headbands up on etsy, and Kingpod sold to an art lover in France. Snatch ’em up everyone!
december 029.jpg


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  1. Can’t believe I haven’t stumbled on your blog before…..
    your artwork is beautiful, and those headbands are so neat. I LOVE wool felt.

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