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My sick daughter has grounded me this New Year’s kinda a bummer, but after all the holidazing I’ve been doing a good rest on the couch is well deserved. Christmas Eve we headed up to Chattanooga and had a peaceful Christmas Day with gift opening in our pajamas and church later on. In the evening Joel and I had a great time with Cat at her place where more tresures were received. Cat was looking pretty groovy with her new hair do. Happy Birthday Cat! The big 3-0.
We took off for St Louis on Monday morning and spent 3 days and 4 nights with Kirk and Sarah and their baby girl Joanna. She’s a pretty pretty thing. We went to the City Museum which was a mad house of kids escaping the windy cold day and burning post Christmas jitters.
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It was a cool place but a little much for our entourage. We didn’t make it through much. Joel and Josiah did the winding pathways and the monster slide. We checked out the fish and the caves. We wound up our visit with the Everyday Circus that was a good idea in concept but the kids sure need to practice practice. Maybe that’s a mean thing to say, but they dropped alot of balls and fell alot.
The activity that suited our family better was the Magic House.
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It’s full of bells and whistles, literally, for little kids. Which is what we have. There was even a ball pit for baby Eden B. Josiah’s favorite parts were the bells, the sand box and the lego car ramp. I was actually surprised he liked the lego ramp so much. Josiah is not so much into vehicles as he is music, but there were some great “hoorahs” from his little voice everytime the car launched off the other side.
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If it weren’t so expensive I would go there everyday! Great fun and Jos was tired out beyond all reason. It’s great to see your (almost) three year old totally worn out. You think there is nothing that will stop him and then, ahhhh sweet naptime.
Thanks to Holly for taking time away from her little family to shoot some family pics for us. I can’t wait to get a New Year’s letter sent out with a sweet picture inside. Whatta trip! Our family is so non-photogenic, some great silly shots were had by all!
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  1. oh man, I’m so sorry you didn’t have such a great time at city museum… we were there on new years eve and it was packed. we’ve always visited on more ‘off’ days, when the museum was a little quieter. we had a FANTASTIC day, but it was definitely crazier this time around! always wanted to take the kids to the magic house but our time in st. louis is always so limited and we are just too bananas over city museum! I’ll definitely put it on our list though… hopefully next time. 🙂

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