Special Promise

My sis in law brought a Merry Christmas package back for our little fam from the grandparents in Manilla. Here’s some photo and video capturings.
january 06 039.jpg
january 06 041.jpg
Grandpa Dale and Lola Knutson got Josiah a handmade mini guitar with metal strings (so maybe he won’t break them). We have no idea how to play it, let alone tune it but that’s not the point right now. Joel did look at me and say “One of us is going to have to learn” I guess that means me. I made a quick pick for Josiah out of a watercolor paper scrap and some masking tape. After going to Re:vision on Thursday night Josiah saw Jeff putting his guitar in it’s case after the service. Josiah was of course mesmorized and you could see his little record light was on. He wanted me to draw a guitar the other day, and then he wanted me to draw a case for the guitar. He proceeded to put his guitar magnets on the drawing of the case. He was very much in love with the guitar case. So almost as much fun as the guitar from the Philippines was the blue plastic zip case that it goes in. Josiah treats it like any other child would treat a baby doll. Putting it in and taking it out of it’s case. So here’s Josiah saying thank you
to his grandparents that are so far away. His please and thank you is a little mixed up but hey, he’s 3.


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