Matt Kirby?

So I’m doing my addictive web surfing and up pops this banner on my hotmail account. Is this not Matt Kirby? Am I going crazy? Can I get a witness?
january 06 060.jpg


4 thoughts on “Matt Kirby?

  1. jerah

    heya, erin told me to come look at this… that’s hilarious that you saw this. i actually saw it on my yahoo a few days ago, too, and pointed it out to matt. apparently, he got his picture taken in the park a year or so ago, by one of those stock photography firms that’ll pay you $50 for your picture and then sell it to any number of companies that need stock photography. he had to sign some form saying that they could sell his picture to whoever, as long as they didn’t use it in an ad that implied that he has HIV or something equally embarassing…
    the funniest part is, the first time anyone spotted him in one of these ads, someone at his work got a pop-up ad from with matt’s face on it. and the little speech-bubble by matt’s head said “ask me how i attract women” !! i laughed for days. 🙂

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