Finger Puppets get Hungry too

january 06 081.jpg
I got Josiah to eat his lentils the other night by putting on a puppet show with this charmer and his friend. Cheerios made great props, seeing as our floor is littered with them daily.
january 06 003.jpg
I am willing to give away artwork if I can find someone who will watch my kids for a couple hours on Friday’s so I can go to school. It’s really just for a couple weeks, maybe 4 Fridays max. Is there a pod series you are salivating over? Do you need to have Be Still or a pregnant nude? Or maybe just something you’ve seen here on New Eyes that you want. Contact me if you can help. thanks. I mean they are pretty cute.
january 06 087.jpgjanuary 06 079.jpg


3 thoughts on “Finger Puppets get Hungry too

  1. So wish I could help you out—I would totally barter kiddie time. You watch mine, I watch yours. Getting to the rare books library in the middle of the day is turning out to be something of a challenge.
    But alas, there’s that slight problem of 900 miles.
    Love the be-cheerioed alien. 🙂

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