Self Portrait Tuesday

ChattVall Studio.jpg
Theme is looking back, and oh boy this is where my sentimental juices get flowing because its before I had kids and what I did and thought about seemed so huge compared to my little world now. I lived in Chattanooga Valley, this was the Shop. Jeff’s studio which he let me and Cat paint in. Many laughs and talks and smokes and beers. And some nice art too.
tractor CA.jpg
So what do you do when you live in Chattanooga Valley and you have no kids? You leave. A memorable trip to CA with Cat to visit her then BF Darren. Here we are riding his family’s tractor in Templeton CA. Joel’s behind the wheel. We were going fast! My poor bum!
Kate in CA.jpg
Beach combing I forget the name of the beach, it stared with an M. Help me out Cat.
Joel and Kate 2000.jpg
In front of a shiny red Gremlin in Santa Barbara? You can tell Joel got a haircut from his lovely wife. I’ve gotten better.
CA 2000.jpg
Joel’s creative photography with D Masters Rebel.
with paintings 2000.jpg
Back in Chatty at a humble art show. I got my hair chopped on our 1st anniversary. Kinda miss it. That’s a portrait of Jerah on my left and Community on my right. Jerah hangs at Joel’s work if you want it tell me so. Community lives with the lovely Erin P in Brooklyn NY.
Next Week: After 9/11 we hopped a plane to Northern Europe for 9 months


2 thoughts on “Self Portrait Tuesday

  1. i am pretty sure the beach is at montana de oro state park. there are lots of the most beautiful places along the bay area there. right across from where the pics are taken is where amy and scott gast got engaged on the big huge rock, where you see lots o otters.

  2. These photos are wonderful! I look back at my life before kids and I just can’t put it all together…what did I do with all of that free time…if only I knew then.

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