What I’ve been keeping from you


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This is one of the many beautiful monoprints Josiah did last week at the High on Toddler Thursday. Membership has huge rewards! We made a gazillion! There all here if you want to take a look. Josiah was so contemplative as he created. He chose a table by himself and stared at his brush in awe. He rarely gets to hold one at home or he gets scolded. He worked very deliberately on each one. Some took longer than others. Some he just used water. What they did was give you tempra paint and a transparency and when the paint was still wet you squashed the paper down on it. Ahhh, it was exhilerating. I kept squeaking at Josiah in my mama voice, “isn’t this fun, buddy? So awesome, So cool! We get to paint!” At one point I asked him if he was OK cuz he looked so serious. He just chirped, “I’m ok.” and kept on painting. The High also has a play room which I have never known was there. Derf. We hung out in there for a while too. Not as cool as the Magic House, but it’s a helluva lot more than the new GA Aquarium has for tots.
And on another squealing happy mom note: As of a week and a half ago, my boy is officially potty trained!
Oh man, just under the wire too. He’s turning 3 on the 3rd (golden birthday so soon). I have found a whole new way to love my boy! I always thought I’d be so sad when he wasn’t a baby anymore, but what my mom said about us when we were little keeps ringing in my ears: I enjoyed you guys no matter what age you were and I rarely wanted to go back.
Now that he’s almost 3, I stare at him and remember those traumatic first weeks and I am so glad, so glad, so glad he’s 3 years old now. God’s faithfulness is overwhelming. I still do what I have been doing since the beginning I see older children and I am thankful that Josiah is as young as he is. I’m glad Josiah isn’t 5 or 6. Cuz right now, I can only handle a 3 year old. I see him in his little guitar or Bob briefs and I just giggle. He’s still little, even though he’s my big boy.
I have been back on the South Beach for the past week and I have already lost 5 lbs! Yeah! The last time I did this diet I actually got down to 127 which is crazy for me to think about now. I was 145 when I started and I believe I’m 140, although sometimes it tells me I’m 139. I couldn’t believe that I had reached that since it’s borderline being overweight for my height. Crazy huh? I’d like to get down to 135 and if so, I’ll be going through boxes trying to find my old pants! I finally got into my post Josiah jeans today and I wore them with no discomfort! My belt went up a notch! And I really dig the South Beach, I have to be creative with food. My lunch today was tofu with pesto, tomatoes and zuchinni sprinkled with parmesan all stir fried up and warm. So nice. I know there are some of you about to barf when I say tofu, but I think it’s a comfort food to me and it gives me a meat and eggs break. I know the South beach won’t make my skin shrink back, or my flabby abs get tight but I do feel so much better. So as I type I’m enjoying my decaf coffee and dark chocolate peanut butter.
Now on the art front:

I have this advanced painting class and I have gone twice. The first time mom came down. Last week Joel took off from work to watch the kids for a couple hours. Crazy. I have written up a proposal and I wonder when I will ever get to meet with Robert. I really really can’t go on Fridays all the time! I honestly don’t want to. I like being with my kids during the day. Here are the 3 things I proposed:
1) A more advanced watercolor study dealing with a larger picture plane, organic abstract or non objective objects. And or the human figure. I could always do the figure. Complex compositional problems like central negative space, cropping and “closure”.
2) A study in non-tradition using children in abstract or non objective backgrounds. Basically, I like Lifeblood and I think I could take off from there if I had a reason too. Large paintings that are complicated to render and complcated to interpret. I love using children, I don’t want them to be cute.
3. Assembledge!! I want to do a few pieces that involve attaching craziness to a canvas or panel. Kitchen items, furniture, cloth. Making the 2D plane a little bit 3D like Rauschenburg. I could go completely non objective or I could use it as a wing to my non traditional chidren study.
Also part of our class is a show at Pangaea. The theme is Blur: basicallt paint a blurry object or blur an object you’ve painted. I have found some cool images but I need some oil paint and for Robert to give me notes on my proposals. Churning brain, what to do.


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    dark chocolate peanut butter????? YUM!
    ….ain’t no diet gonna get that skin back in place….no matter how much we lose! (living proof over here!)
    I love reading your blog…

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