More fun with Felt

january 06 170.jpg
I know, I know I’m supposed to be working on my independant study paintings. Painting a blurry painting and figuring out when my prof is going to give me a go ahead for one of my proposals. But no, I refuse to delve into that frustrating, downer of a thought process instead I want to play with felt! Even if my boy doesn’t. Last week at the High Toddler Time Jos had a blast creating about 10 beautiful monoprints. This week they did felt hats, felt anything actually. I about died when I snuck a peak into the room before we went to the bathroom. Felt! Wheeee! We sat down at Josiah’s favorite spot and I could tell he’d rather play with the scissors and glue. So I ask the magic question: Should we make a guitar? I love having a birthday hat for Jos to where at his party and this just killed two birds wth one stone! I made a little make-shift hat (with much instruction from the craft organizer). And we had a flying V and a ‘rock’ guitar (which basically is a Fender), we had a drum, a banjo (it turned out kinda sad) and an accordian (have mercy). I also put a number 3 since I’m hoping he’ll where it onhis birthday. Well, he would not wear it so dern it, I did. Here’s some more pics.
january 06 157.jpg
Silly Mama
january 06 168.jpg
detail guitar
january 06 169.jpg
the flying V

january 06 162.jpg
Some of you will be receiving one of these in the mail for Josiah’s 3rd. No I’m not crazy even though Joel and Jennie said I was. Yes I sewed 6 strings onto this paper Fender for Jos’ invite. I am just trying to keep up with those other Mom’s-that-will Hannah and Joy. Thanks for the inspiration guys! They are terribly messy with glue and I really wanted to do stamps too and glitter and Modge Podge but no, this is for a 3 year olds birthday not for my painting independant study. Doh, there’s that reminder again! Then I was about to wet my pants with glee when the local US post office had these!
january 06 159.jpg
Perfect for invites! That sealed it for me. I was making and mailing invitations.


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  1. Oh, Katie. You’re psycho out of control. That boy had better wear the hat. It’s way too precious. And I suppose we’re gonna have to get that invite matted and framed. . .

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