I have arrived!

So I’ve been trying my hand at my sewing machine and I have found that it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I wanted to make Josiah a pillowcase and a blanket with the guitar fabric that his Lola Nancy sent from Manilla. The pillowcase was my first thing ever to sew and it felt more like trying to learn a stick-shift really. Getting the groove of the pedal. I finished the pillow case, it has a nice contrasting red stich, it works. Great. The blaket is what I’m going to continue to work on after I finish this post. To practice a bit before I hack into the large remainder of guitar fabric, I wanted to make some things with some cool faric I’ve been collecting from various scrap bins at Joann’s. One was the coolest multi-colored batik flannel! Fun. I knew something cozy had to be made with it. But it wasn’t the right dimensions for a blanket and Eden sure doesn’t need another one, so I practiced my hand at more stuffies.
january 06 175.jpg
Behold! I wanted to practice a simple shape that was kinda lovable so I thought I’d try to make one of Hillary’s wee’s. This doesn’t have the flat bottom though. What helps him stand is that I filled him with Basmati rice! The problem I have with sewing is it is such a thought process before you even put needle to cloth. I do not work that way. I do it and then fix it. So I pulled out thread over and over trying to get the ribbon going the right way and trying to sew him up after the rice was inside. It’s kinda messy but the great thing about this guy is since he’s filled with rice you can pop him in the microwave for a minute and he’s toasty warm! He’ll hold his warmth to put on any sore spot or cold kiddie toes. I like to think of him as a menstral cramp releaver. hehehe. And I love how I fixed my crooked stiching around the face with more crooked stiching! I think it’s my favorite part.
On another happy blog finding note: I love this blog I found through Andrea’s blog, My House is Cuter than Yours. It’s domestic, it’s 100% vintage and it’s a funny read. I especially like this one (because of my felt adventures) and this one (because I am also a thrift store addict). Check it out! I read a whole months worth of entries.
I have solved Eden’s new shoe problem. She has disintegrated the lovely Chinese shoes Lynn bought her in China town and all she has now are fancy black MJ’s I found at the thrift store and a pair of little girl Chuck’s. I hate to put hard shoes on her feet (the Chuck’s), and the cute wool felt shoes that Catarina makes are too rich for my blood. Then guess who came to my rescue? The one and only Martha. Stay Tuned!


4 thoughts on “I have arrived!

  1. I happened to pick up the latest Martha Kid’s magazine when we were perusing Barnes and Noble on our DATE last weekend–Lots of cute stuffies in that issue. Great ideas! My favorite was getting the kid to draw a creature and then coming up with the stuffy incarnation of it and getting the kid to draw with fabric markers on muslin and cutting around it and using that as the front of a stuffy.
    And did you see the cute hammer I made Ellis for C’mas on the Flickr thing? I’m all about stuffies lately. (At least in my head: lots of plans for when I’m done with my thesis.)

  2. congrats kate!!! your a whiz fo sho! i saw the simple pattern for felt shoes where you can knit a simple square in yarn! pretty cool options, if i do say so myself. i’ve got my sewing machine out, finally have time for aprons. love you so much!

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