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the beauty

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Well since Cat posted her card this is one of mine. I already received a happy message from one of the recipients. the theme was chinese new year, year of the dog. I did a whole sheet of watercolor pods, cut them in ten pieces and then glued little doggies of felt in the enviroment. there’s opal, philip and reggie and their adventures in the big pod garden. check the whole set here.
I have received 3. The first was kinda forgettable but Josiah likes it. The second was a beauty from Sweden with cool wallpaper and “Godt Nytt Ar” on the front. The one I got today had a card and an awesome zipper doggie pouch! So cute! Pictures later.


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  1. oh kate thanks so much for the compliments. i saw your cards on thursday last week flickr, so jealous of your massive amount of work. just wished i couldn’t made more. i love the paper too! and the stamp was my kick butt last breath idea. i haven’t gotten any of my cards though. maybe today when i go home. i’ll see you saturday, call you before then though.

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